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Why Chron's Disease Could Make a Difference When It Comes to Getting Dental Implants

Posted on 7/20/2019 by Dr. Hallas
Why Chron's Disease Could Make a Difference When It Comes to Getting Dental ImplantsThere are many factors that determine how successful dental implants are, and Chron's Disease is one of those diseases that might change the outcome of the dental implants and the healing that is required for them to be a success.

Those that have Chron's Disease and want to have dental implants put in, should consider some of these factors before they do so. By reducing the amount of dental implant failures there are in the field through preparation, research is always being done on finding ways to make the implants successful and for them to last longer overall.

Crohn's Disease

The digestive tract inflames in a person that has this disease. It can affect any part of the GI tract from the inside of the mouth to the anus. It usually has the most irritation at the ileum. The body has an immune system response to any bacteria that is found inside the intestinal tract, though the bacteria is normal. This makes digesting anything or eliminating it painful, it creates ulcers in the system and thickens the walls of the intestine.

Crohn's Disease and Dental Implants

Generally, the person and the extent of the disease has to be determined before our dentists decide whether or not this is a procedure that can be done. Gum disease, issues inside the mouth due to the disease, gum and bone loss, and heavy smoking are all signs that the implants may fail if our dentists put implants in. In those types of instances, they generally will not.

Having Crohn's Disease doesn't disqualify you from having dental implants, but our dentists have to access the situation prior to approving this procedure to ensure that it has a high chance for success. Speak with our dentists today and set up an exam to see if you're a good candidate for a procedure such as this one.

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