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Denture Problems All Senior Caregivers Should Know About

Posted on 7/30/2016 by Dr. Hallas
A full pair of dentures.Senior caregivers have a variety of responsibilities when it comes to keeping their aging loved one safe. If you are caring for an elderly parent, you may have considered how he will take his medications, installing handrails in his bathroom, and how he will safely get to his doctor's appointments, but you may not have paid any mind to his dentures.

However, it is important that you keep yourself informed about common denture problems and the signs you should look for.

•  Getting used to new dentures can be an adjustment. Some elderly individuals will need encouragement to take small bites, chew thoroughly, and to eat slowly while getting used to their new appliance.
•  Dentures don't last forever, and even when cared for well they will need to be replaced every seven years or so.
•  If your loved one's dentures don't fit right, it can make chewing difficult and painful. Some seniors may deal with this by eating less or eliminating certain foods from their diets. The end result could be malnutrition.
•  Just because your elderly loved one has a full set of dentures doesn't mean he no longer has to go to the dentist. Regular dental checkups are needed to inspect the mouth for signs of disease like diabetes or oral cancer. These appointments can also be used to make sure his dentures are fitting properly and to make any adjustments as needed.
•  If your loved one has a special event in which a secure fit is especially important, consider placing adhesive on his dentures. However, adhesive pastes or gels are not intended for daily use.
•  If you notice a clicking sound when your loved one eats or talks, it is important to schedule a dental appointment right away.

If you have additional questions on how to keep your senior loved one's dentures safe and mouth healthy, contact our office for guidance.

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