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When to Go with Instant Dentures and When Customized Would Be Better

Posted on 10/20/2016 by Dr. Hallas
An elderly man happy with his new custom dentures.
Tooth loss has a significant impact on your ability to eat and speak properly. Dentures are a common choice for replacing missing teeth. They maintain the shape of your mouth, help you eat the foods you enjoy and allow you to be understood when you speak.

There are types of dentures - instant and customized. But when should you choose instant and when would customized be better?

Instant Dentures

Instant dentures are made from impressions taken prior to tooth extraction. Immediately following the extraction procedure, these dentures are placed on your gums.

Customized Dentures

Customized dentures are made from impressions taken after your tooth extraction. These impressions are then sent to a lab and can take several weeks to fabricate. When they are ready, you go back in to check for fit.

Teeth Immediately
So you don't have to wait for teeth, instant dentures provide you with just what the name implies: instant dentures. Going home with teeth will allow you to maintain your mouth shape, which could sink while waiting for conventional dentures, maintain your speech and allow you to eat, although you should start with soft foods while you heal.

Faster Healing
Some people take longer to heal than others or are more prone to infection. Instant dentures help speed up the recovery process by sealing the wounds left from tooth extraction, helping to stop bleeding. They also help to seal out infection.

Better Fit
For the best fit, customized dentures are the better option. Since they are created after your teeth are extracted, the impressions are better able to create a denture that fits better to your gums. They are also less likely to slip due to a more exact fit.

Speech and Eating
Customized dentures allow you to speak better as well as digest better. Instant dentures, while they allow you to retain your speech, may cause a lisp or whistle. Customized dentures don't have this issue. Customized also promote better digestion. As they are less likely to move, you can better chew your food, which starts the digestion process, breaking it down much easier.

Instant and customized dentures both have their advantages. Contact our office to find which is the best option for you.

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