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You Can Enjoy a Good Steak Even with Dentures

Posted on 1/10/2017 by Dr. Hallas
An elderly couple happy with their new dentures.
If you have dentures, you may believe that there are certain foods that you need to avoid, including steaks. Fortunately, this is a myth, and as long as your dentures fit correctly and are in good shape, you can eat a properly prepared steak. However, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind when ordering or preparing your steak.

Choose the Right Cut of Meat
There are certain cuts of meat that are tenderer than others. If you have dentures, your best bet is to choose tenderloin or top blade steaks.

Marinate Before You Cook
Not only will a marinade help to give your cut of meat a delicious and savory flavor, but marinades also work to make a steak tenderer. This is because marinades typically include acid like citrus juice of vinegar, and these substances help to break down muscle fibers. Essentially, this will start the digestion process before you before you even start to eat.

Cook it to the Right Temperatures
When you are cooking your steak, it is important that you are grilling it for the right amount of time. Overcooking will result in a tough steak that will be difficult for even people with natural teeth to tear apart and chew. For people who have dentures, steaks cooked to medium or medium rare will be more tender options than a well done steak.

Cut Your Steak Properly Before Eating with Dentures

Steak is often difficult to chew as a result of the long muscle fibers. Therefore, when you cut your steak, make sure that you are cutting across the muscle fibers. Keep these tips in mind when you are preparing dinner at home or dining out.

However, it is recommended that the first time you eat a steak with dentures that you do so at home. That way, you will get a better idea of your ability to eat steak before you give it a shot in public.

Please contact us if you have any questions about eating with your dentures.

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