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What Option Works Best for Just One Missing Tooth?

Posted on 11/15/2017 by Dr. Hallas
Dental Implant Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry MI 49829
Although you would not think just one missing tooth would cause too many problems, it does. If your tooth starts to loosen up or falls out, you need to see us as soon as possible so we can provide you with your best options.

Just by one tooth falling out, it can cause your other teeth to drift, can cause bone loss in your other teeth, and even worse, can cause periodontal disease. Since these problems can occur, here are your best options for preventing them from happening to you.

Get a Fixed Bridge

We can put in a traditional fixed bridge to keep these problems from happening to you. If you want bridgework done, let us know by contacting us and making an appointment to come in as soon as possible.

Let us Put in Dental Implants

If you do not want a fixed bridge put in, we can place implants in for you. Contact us for an appointment as soon as possible so we can do this for you. We can place implants inside your jawbone to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

Composite Bridgework

Although we can do a fixed bridge to replace the missing tooth or teeth, now there is an option called composite bridgework that can fix your tooth loss problem as well. The composite bridge is made of resin and is the same materials that are most often made from fillings for teeth.

They are also the same color as your original teeth so no worries about discoloration being a problem for you. The good thing about this option is that the dentist can build this bridge off the adjacent teeth.

One of these options will work for you when missing a tooth. Tooth loss might not seem like a big deal to some people, but it is because of the problems it can cause to other teeth, not to mention the problems it can cause for your smile.

No one wants to walk around with a gap in between their teeth from tooth loss. Contact us right away for your appointment today to get this taken care of as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (906) 212-4725 today.

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