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What Method Works Best for Removing Dental Bonding Stains?

Posted on 12/10/2017 by Dr. Hallas
Chew Gum Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry MI 49829
So, you got your dentures bonded. Now you want to make sure they stay as clean as they can and should for as long as possible.

There are a few different methods that work best for removing dental bonding stains. You can contact us for help with this if you need to.

Special Sensitivity Toothpaste
Using a unique sensitivity toothpaste will help keep your bonds clean. Brushing your teeth twice per day with this particular type of toothpaste is a good idea. It is preferable to brush and floss them after each meal to keep them as clean as possible.

Chew Gum
Chewing gum can help keep them clean and remove stains from the bonds. How? When you are chewing gum, you are producing extra saliva which in turn then cleans your teeth more. The natural saliva works well to keep food and gunk out of your teeth.

Take a Break on the Whitening
Are you into whitening your teeth a lot? While it is not bad to whiten them with whitening strips or the special toothpaste they have for that, you should give your teeth a break from the whitening for a while.

Use Whitening Strips

While you should listen to the advice above about not whitening your teeth too much, it is a good idea to use whitening strips every once in a while to keep them as clean as you can.

Just do not do it a lot because it could wear down the teeth after doing it for so long. Do the whitening every once in a while, not a lot.

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