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Top Three Considerations When Recovering from Dental Implant Surgery

Posted on 4/10/2018 by Dr. Hallas
Dental Implant Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry MI 49829Having a dental implant surgery is an impactful decision regarding your oral health. However, your responsibilities to your dental do not end after your surgery is a success.

Most of the patients who have successfully undergone a dental implant surgery actually call the dentist and surgeon back to ask about how to deal with the pain or because they feel that the dental implant is having issues.

What most patients do not know is that, there is a list of activities and concerns that they should do after the dental implant surgery.

24 to 48 Hours After the Surgery

Most patients immediately brush their teeth and focus on the location where the dental implant is. The proper way to do oral hygiene for the first 24 to 48 hours is to actually use a warm salt water rinse. After the rinse, you can brush your teeth slower than how you usually do it.

There should also be a change of diet right after the dental surgery. Patients are doing the right thing if they are eating soft, liquid or even pureed foods.

What most patients are not doing properly is that they use a straw, which negatively impacts the recovery of the mouth it produces pressure and stress to the dental implant and the surrounding teeth and gums. You must also avoid skipping meals since your body needs the nutrients to recover.

Lastly, avoid any activity that is harmful to your dental health. Smoking and eating hard food should definitely be avoided in the first two weeks at the very least.

When consuming food or beverages, try to make sure they are similar in temperature if possible. Repeated, intense changes, in temperature while eating or drinking can slow or interrupt the healing process.

If you have other questions or concerns about your dental health, contact us and let us help you take care of your dental needs.

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