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What to Do to Manage Sores on Your Gums

Posted on 6/20/2019 by Dr. Hallas
What to Do to Manage Sores on Your GumsIf you have a sore on your gums, it's likely a canker sore or a sore caused by braces or dentures. No matter what the cause, though, you're going to want to do something about these small irritations.

While most sores are not dangerous, they can be—if you notice a sore that continually gets larger, is painful, or is bleeding, it's time to call our office and set up an appointment. These sores can be a sign of a major health issue that needs to be addressed right away.

But if you're dealing with a normal, small sore, we have a few tips on how you can manage them on your own.

Gargle with Warm Salt Water

Warm salt water helps your mouth naturally heal faster. Take warm water and add a spoon full of salt to it. You don't need a lot. Mix it up until the salt has fully dissolved. Then swish it around in your mouth for about 30 seconds before spitting it back out again. Do this two or three times a day.

Apply a Homemade Paste
You can make a paste out of water and baking soda and apply it to the sore. This will help protect it from bacteria while also helping it heal.

Use Over-the-Counter Medications

There are several different over-the-counter medications that can help you with mouth sores. For example, there are renewing melts that help to ease pain while supplying your mouth with extra vitamins that help it heal faster.

Avoid Certain Foods
Some foods are going to make your sores worse or will cause them to hurt. Foods and drink that are highly acidic, salty, spicy, or hot can all cause pain when they come into contact with a sore.

If you have a sore that seems abnormally large, incredibly painful, or that bleeds regularly, come in for an exam. It may be nothing, but it's always best to make certain.

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