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Custom-fit Dental Denture Solutions

Selection of Lab Mold Dentures and their moldsIf you are missing teeth, or you plan to have one or more teeth removed in the future, then dentures might be a great option for you. Many people tend to put this procedure off, though, as they feel as though they do not have the time to go through the entire fitting process. However, here is an option available to you to help minimize that wait. Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry is pleased to offer same day dentures, which are very similar to traditional dentures, but minus the wait.

What are Same Day Dentures?

With many similarities to traditional dentures, same day dentures are a type of restorative dentistry with the option of having your teeth removed and replaced on the same day. Usually after an extraction, there is a waiting period, which could span over weeks to allow for healing before a fitting with traditional dentures. However, same day dentures mean that you do not have to wait. With same day dentures (also called immediate dentures), you can leave with a complete smile after your extraction.

Process of Getting Same Day Dentures

Before we begin, we will first review your history with you to evaluate and determine if you are suitable for an extraction and dentures on the same day. If you are cleared for this procedure, then our team will then take impressions of your teeth. Your jaw and mouth are also measured. The impressions and measurements are then sent to the lab for fabrication of your dentures. This ensures that they will be ready for use after your extraction.

The extractions are then carried out. The amount of time spent in our office is dependent on the number of teeth to be extracted. Repairs and relines would be performed as needed during your appointment. You can wear your new dentures immediately after the extraction.

Do Same Day Dentures Look Natural?

Since same day dentures employ the same method of production as regular dentures and look like regular dentures too, the result is not very different. When placed in your mouth, they appear like your natural teeth. They are designed to complement the arrangement and color of your remaining teeth. Please note that adjustments may be necessary as your mouth heals from the extraction. Same day dentures help to protect your gums while they are healing, so you can use them to eat and chew without worry.

How Do I Take Care of My Same Day Dentures?

After getting your same day dentures, we will give you care instructions. You will have to wear your new dentures for 24 hours immediately after placement. During this period, you cannot rinse, spit, or consume hot liquids. After this mandatory 24-hour period, you can remove your dentures a couple of times a day to rinse them. We will demonstrate how to remove them for the first time. Experiencing some discomfort after tooth extraction is also expected, as is getting used to your new dentures. This should subside in a few days.

Same day dentures are not for everyone. Patients that are older and people with complicated medical histories might not be great candidates for same day dentures. To learn more about whether you are a candidate for same day dentures, please reach out to us today at (920) 278-7678 for more information.

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